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IDF 2014 oral and poster abstracts available.

The 2nd IDF Symposium on Microstructure of Dairy Products and 5th IDF Symposium on Science and Technology of Fermented Milk program is available, to view the program click here. To view the poster listing, click here.


It is our absolute pleasure to invite you to Melbourne, Australia, in March 2014 for two major symposia on dairy science and technology under the auspices of the International Dairy Federation. Following the successful model pioneered in Tromsø, Norway, in 2010, sequential conferences on dairy product microstructure and fermented dairy products will combine to provide a week of stimulating presentations and discussions covering a broad range of basic and applied topics associated with the development, manufacture and understanding of novel and traditional dairy foods and ingredients.

Please join us in Melbourne – the most livable city in the world (2011 & 2012). We look forward to your valued contribution, international knowledge sharing and networking through the professional and social activities on offer courtesy of these prestigious events.

Neil van Buuren
Program Manager-Dairy Australia
Chairperson – Symposia coordinating committee

Second IDF Symposium on Microstructure of Dairy Products
3rd-4th March 2014

The underlying structure of any material determines its functional properties. The microstructure of dairy products is the spatial arrangement and interaction of constituents and structural elements (such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) of at the nano-, meso- and micro-scale. For all dairy products including milk powder, cheese, yoghurt, microstructure governs the quality, in particular the texture, solubility, flow, viscoelasticity and fracture characteristics. This structure – function relationship affects properties including sensory, texture and nutrition all of which can also be influenced by composition, processing and environmental parameters.

Fifth IDF Symposium on Science and Technology of Fermented Milk
6th-7th March 2014

The product category known internationally as ‘fermented milks’ includes many of the world’s most popular dairy foods. The formal Codex definition of fermented milk is based on the concept of a “product obtained by fermentation of milk … by the action of suitable microorganisms and resulting in reduction of pH with or without coagulation.” This broadly includes such products as yoghurts, strained (concentrated) yoghurts and other concentrated products, drinking yoghurts, Scandinavian fermented milks, acidophilus milks, kefir, kumys and a variety of traditional and modern fermented dairy foods. The Symposium embraces the underlying science, manufacture, product development challenges, texture, flavour, shelf-life, safety and health benefits of fermented dairy products.